Choose your adventure

Choose your adventure

At this stage we will be generating simulated events, including the detector simulation. We can either use:

  • Parton level with a simple smearing (faster and recommended for the tutorial).

  • Delphes level simulation (slower but more realistic).

The MadMiner techniques can also work with the full GEANT4 simulation of the events, but this is too heavy and experiment-specific to package with the tool. The Delphes example provides a template for what it would look like in a full experimental context.

Set MadGraph directory

In tutorial sections:

The location of the MadGraph installation folder is set. It is listed as:

mg_dir = os.getenv('MG_FOLDER_PATH')

If you install everything yourself, then you would also need to define your own environment variable to point to the MadGraph installation folder within your system.